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Welcome to the PrettyPrettyPonies official website, this is where everything you need to know about the tribe and everything that will occur on the tribe. Try to read carefully because I will explain the purpose of the guild and our events also what will be occurring in the guild.
PPP is a divided guild, as we will be doing PvP, and PvE for those who like it to be diverse and do different things. I do not want to limit the guild to one thing for the sole purpose that it seems it would be much better to have it divided. 
Our tribe WILL be doing dungeons as a tribe and we will do Reign Wars as well as raiding the Azurian territory for PKs. I will be posting the times of these events very soon so try to be patient with me I would appreciate it.

If you have questions ask Rein or Zalieth, they will most likely have answers for you if not they will figure it out, We will also help any lower members in guild if needed.

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Reichu, Apr 7, 12 1:12 PM.
We have the website up, however it is currently being worked on. I will be asking everyone to join on Monday even if the site is NOT completed. I will also be posting the dates of when we will be doing TRIBE runs together to Dungeons/Raids/Pvp events/ And or going to Azurian territory.
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